Wrapables Sticky Notes, Set of 2 (Band Aid, Thought Cloud)

Price: $8.99

SKU: A67352

Product Details

These sticky notes are a fun and neat office accessory to have around! Use them for leaving notes, starting a conversation, adding funny captions to photos, as book marks, etc. The adhesive on these sticky notes are strong enough for you to use them more than once. Use them around the office or at home; stick these sticky notes anywhere.

  • Sticky note band aids come in 3 different sizes in one pack, 20 sheets per size.
  • Band aids dimensions: small: 10x40mm; medium: 20x70mm; large: 40x70mm.
  • Thought Cloud Dimensions: 1.5 inch length by 1.5 inch width.
  • Material: Paper.

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