Wrapables Three Layer Multifunctional Pencil Case Cosmetic Bag

Price: $10.99

SKU: A70500c

Product Details

Store all your stationery tools with our three layer multifunctional pencil cases. The three separate pockets allow you to separate and better organize your items. Your pencils, pens and erasers can go in one pocket, your calculator in another pocket, your colored pencils and highlighters in the last pocket. The case is also just the right size to double as a clutch. Store your cellphone and keys in one of the pockets, cash and cards in another pocket, with cosmetics in the last pocket. The case also makes a great cosmetic bag, for brushes, lipstick, eye shadow, etc. Organize, store, and take with you on the go.

  • Case comes with 3 large pockets for better organization.
  • Store your pencils, erasers, pens and other stationery tools.
  • Can double as a clutch or cosmetic bag to store makeup, jewelry, keys, cellphone and money.
  • Dimensions: 8L x 4.25W inches.
  • Material: Canvas.

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