Wrapables Washi Scrapbooking Stickers Box Set

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SKU: A72556c
Pink Romantic
Peach Floral
Blue Floral
Red Floral
Lavender Nature
Green Plants
Green Leaves
Pink Flowers
Lavender Celebration
Wilderness Animals

Product Details

Our washi scrapbooking stickers box sets come in unique designs you will love decorating with. Each set has its own color scheme and comes with 20 sheets of designs in different size and shapes. Choose from a variety of motifs such as floral, nature, animals, and more, to express your personality with these stickers. Use these washi stickers for any type of arts and crafts project you like, they can also be used to decorate your journals and diaries, planners, scrapbooks and photo albums, stationery such as letters and cards, calendars, and cell-phones. Use them as a part of your gift wrapping to personalize your gifts. They can also be used as decals on just about anything. Made with high quality washi paper.

  • INCLUDES: 20 sheets of washi stickers in set. Each sheet is 4 x 4 inches. Box is 5 x 5 inches.
  • DESIGNS: Colorful and elaborate designs for decorating anything you want. Each box set comes in a different color scheme. Choose from green leaves, red flowers, pink flamingos, yellow wreaths and more!
  • USE: Great for arts & craft projects, decorating journals, diaries, planners, scrapbooks, photo albums, stationery, calendars, cell phones, use as a part of gift wrapping. The elegant box also allows you to give this box set as a gift.
  • MATERIAL: High quality washi paper.
  • SIZE: Sticker sizes can vary. Please refer to size image for reference.