Wrapables Women's Faux Denim Jeans Print Leggings

Price: $11.99

SKU: A70971c
Creases Black
Creases Blue
Distressed Black
Distressed Blue
Patched Black
Patched Blue
Acid Wash Black
Acid Wash Blue
Star Black
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Product Details

Our faux denim jeans print leggings are super fashionable and trendy. Choose from different colors and patterns that have 3D high quality printing to look just like a pair of real jeans. Smooth, sleek, and, stretchable these leggings offer more mobility and comfort than a normal pair of jeans or jeggings, while providing your body with a slimming look. Wear them with heels, booties, or sneakers, these leggings go great with any outfit.

  • Stretchable and comfortable leggings with denim print to look like real jeans. A fashionable alternative to jeggings that provides greater mobility and a slimming look.
  • Leggings can pair with just about anything for a casual or dressy look. Wear them with blouses T-shirts, or sweat shirts. Add a pair of sneakers, heels, or booties, depending on your style!One size fits most. Dimensions: 24 inch waist, 36 inch length, 25 inch inseam. Material: Polyester, Spandex.

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