Wrapables Bookmark Flag Tab Sticky Markers (Set of 2), Cute Celebration Owls

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Every day is a celebration, start your day with just a simple smile. These adorable bookmark flags add a whimsical twist that will make your day festive. New Year, Birthdays, Valentines, St. Patrick Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, we got you covered with our celebration owls.

Also use these bookmark flags to flag and highlight important pages on your address books, notebooks, planners, calendar, and more so that you can quickly get back to them. Write important notes and reminders on them and stick them anywhere. Great for decorating purposes, these bookmark flags can be used by students and teachers, for the home and office alike. Comes as a set of 2 packs, each pack has 8 different designs with 20 sheets per design.

Meet our celebration Owls!

New Year Owl – Cheers! It’s party time.

Happy Birthday Owl – You are only as young as you feel! Come celebrate with our party owls!

Valentine Owl – A big owl hug from me for making my valentine day so special.

St Patrick’s Owl – It’s your lucky day today!

Easter Owl – Easter Egg Hunt, come join the fun. With a hop, flop, hop, flop, hop, here come our very own Easter Bunny Owl.

Halloween & Thanksgiving Owl – Autumn is here! Let’s go have fun with pumpkin patch and trick or treating! Don’t forget Turkey Gobble Day and join us for the feast – Gobble til you wobble! 

Christmas and Jingle Bells Owl Rocks – Knock, knock, knock…. Santa Claus is coming to town. Santa has a present for everyone, ho-ho-ho!

  • Highlight and flag important pages and events so that you can get back to them easily later.
  • Comes as a set of 2 packs in different themes.
  • Each pack contains 8 designs with 20 sheets per design.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 48L x 15W mm.
  • Material: Paper.

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